Try It Tuesday- Through The Sparkling Looking Glass!

So, the least glam part of being a mommy is probably the cleaning part. I love a clean house, but I detest actually doing the work, ugh! When Stoner Company asked if I wanted to test their Invisible Glass products to review, I was glad it would actually force me to get my house in order, especially the kids’ bathroom upstairs. Here is my honest opinion of this glass cleaner that may have made cleaning windows fun.

The first thing I tried was the microfiber cloth Reach and Clean Tool. It was incredibly easy to assemble, and helped my petite self reach places I never could. I used the spray glass cleaner with this tool on my back sliding door, which is a magnet for tiny fingers and mouths. My initial reaction after cleaning was how easy it was! In one swipe of the Reach and Clean Tool, and just a few sprays, I was able to erase all the sticky smudges. My 4 year old was bummed that her “artwork” was gone though. I was so excited about the back sliding door, that I continued throughout the house! In less than a half hour, all my mirrors and windows were sparkling bright! 

Next up was the dreaded upstairs bathroom mirror, which is caked with fingerprints, toothpaste and gross kid spit. This was the true challenge for the Invisible Glass cleaner and the Reach and Clean Tool. I took a deep breath then got to it. It only took 2 rounds of cleaning it to remove all the icky grime and toothpaste! I was truly impressed because cleaning that mirror was no easy task. Except, it was, thanks to this glass cleaner!

Before! Yuck 😒
After! Even impressed the 4 year old

 I’m sold and I really felt good once I used it. If you want a glass product that makes cleaning faster and easier, then Invisible Glass is for you! You can get your Reach and Clean Tool, as well as Invisible Glass, HERE or at any local target! 


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